Here is an article on How many people applied 2022 Hajj offered by our travel agency with the best and Cheap Hajj Packages. Hajj happens during the Islamic month of Dhul Hajj, two months and ten days after Ramadan concludes. The Hajj's peak coincides with the important Islamic holy day of Eid al Adha, which commemorates Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son at God's command. The five-day pilgrimage includes a number of intricate ceremonies. Including the donning of a unique garment that represents human equality and oneness in front of Allah SWT, a counter-clockwise circular march around the Kaaba, and the symbolic stoning of evil.

Millions of people apply from Muslim-majority nations, but owing to a quota system, not everyone may attend. The Saudi authorities typically grant 1,000 slots for every million Muslims in each country. During the pilgrimage, the holy sites in Mecca and Medina are usually visited by about 2 million people. Intending pilgrims should be completely vaccinated with an authorized Covid-19 vaccination at least one month before their actual departure for Haj 2022, according to the Covid-19 and other Haj guidelines. Only such pilgrims will be permitted to go during the Haj 2022 period. According to this guidance, any Muslim citizen can apply for the Haj 2022 pilgrimage, with the exception of:

  1. Those candidates who would turn 65 before July 10, 2022. (born before July 10, 1957).
  2. Any individual who does not have a machine-readable valid International Passport that was issued on or before January 31, 2022, and is valid until December 31, 2022.
  3. A Haj Repeater is someone who has already completed the Haj through HCoI once in a lifetime. If no other Mahram (who has not conducted Haj) is available, a Haj Repeater is entitled to be a Mahram of a Female Pilgrim. If a Lady Pilgrim quits her trip, the Haj seat of that Repeater is immediately canceled as well. The Haj Repeater will be required to submit a Declaration in the format outlined in the Guidelines. However, if Saudi officials refuse to allow Repeater in the case of female pilgrims traveling as Mahram (first-timers), the same will apply in accordance with Saudi guidelines.
  4. Due to the current Covid-19 scenario, those with serious medical illnesses such as terminal cancers, heart disease, co-morbidities, advanced cardiac, respiratory, liver, or kidney disease, infectious tuberculosis disease, or senility are absolutely prohibited at this time.
  5. Ladies who are not accompanied by a Sharia Mahram, except Ladies without Mahram (LWM) aged 45 to 65, who desire to do Haj but do not have a Mahram (male companion) and their school of thought (Maslak) permits, are permitted to go in a group of four (4) ladies. At all times during the Haj journey, the company of such females should remain four (4) strengths.
  6. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, pregnant women and those above the stipulated age limit are now prohibited from participating in Haj -2022.
  7. Any person who is subject to a court order barring him or her from traveling overseas.
  8. Anyone who has been proved to have lied on their Haj application. He or she will be rejected at any stage and may even be de-boarded at the Embarkation Point in such situations. HCoI will also forfeit the whole sum deposited by him/her. He or she could also face charges for making a fraudulent or erroneous declaration. These restrictions will apply to Pilgrims planning to perform Hajj-e-Badal as well as those who have previously performed Hajj.
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